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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Machine Dilemma - Is it still ART if you AUTOMATE??

[Blog Entry Originally posted: November 1, 2010]

Biggest question facing JBweldz right now surrounds the theme of EXPANSION. At present JB cuts all of our artwork by hand from flat steel ~ we both believed this maintains the integrity of our work as: UNIQUE ART. Both of us are very fond of the outcome of JBs creative talents. With business running smoothly, we are already generating interest from places as far away as Florida, USA from our little place near Lake Erie, Ontario. We know we are on to something that will turn talent and hobby into extra dollars and ALSO create satisfying artwork for our distinguished clients.

The big elephant in the room is: what happens - when as a business owner, you want to grow and expand into channels of distribution that are bigger than current internet sales? We need more output. We need more elbow grease. We need automated MACHINERY.. BUT does this change the nature of our ART? Does non-handmade, consistent output and precision cutting take away from the artistic attributes that we know, love and PROMOTE  in our metal artwork?

Aside from the obvious health concerns I have about JB constantly leaning over and breathing in welding materials ~ that would be nonexistent if we automate.. I will continue to ponder this decision for sometime. Do metal artists still produce real art when using automated, computerized systems.. or would we (and the others who do the same) become just another home decor shop? hmm..

till next time, Nadine (VP Life Satisfation, JBweldz)

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